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Tea selling woman becomes village head

Tea selling woman becomes village head

A tea selling woman successfully became the pradhan of her village taking inspiration from Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. This happened in a village in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh. Pooja Kumari, mother of two participated in the Panchayat election and won it successfully.

Pooja Kumari is qualified with a graduation of B. Ed degree. She said that she was really inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who became the Prime Minister of India. She added that she wanted to participate in the elections because of the motivation she received from the success of Narendra Modi.

After winning the elections, Kumari who was filled with confidence said that even participating in the elections was a big deal for her and her family. She said that winning it is actually a surprise for her and that it is a surprise for her.

With the win in this election, she became the head of a group of 16 villages. All these 16 villages fall under the same Panchayat. Talking about her family and lifestyle, Kumari said that since many years, her in-laws have been involved with selling tea. Once she got married, she also joined her husband in selling tea at Patiyali railway station.

She said that there has been no one in her ancestry who had any political background, however, more than 4,500 votes from 16 villages have voted for her. Talking about her husband, she said that he has provided great support for her to achieve something like this.

Munish Kumar, Pooja’s husband said that during the time of campaign, he made sure she went through as less work as possible. He took care of the kids and the tea stall as she went around the villages to convince them to help her ensure education of girls in the area.

Image Reference: Nyooz.com

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