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Students who overcome all odds to crack JEE – 2

Students who overcome all odds to crack JEE – 2

In this article, you will know about some other inspirational students who cracked the JEE exam in adverse conditions.

Abhishek Bhartiya, a cobbler’s son helps his father’s workshop after his studies. His father who earns ₹60 to ₹70 a day struggles to meet their financial needs. His mother stitches rags to support their family.

The family has one small room in which six members live. They have no electricity in that room. Abhishek used to study under the lantern for five to six hours in the night.

As his father is struggling to meet the daily needs of the family, he worried about the fees of his son.

But, Abhishek studied hard to crack the JEE exam in the financial hardships and achieved a free seat. He secured the 154th rank. He has a reservation. He got admission in IIT-Kanpur.

Naga Naresh Karutura is another student born in a poor family. He is from Andhra Pradesh. His father is a lorry driver and his mother is a homemaker.

Naresh met with a terrible lorry accident and lost his both legs. However, he focused his attention on his studies to crack the JEE exam. He secured 992nd rank in All India.

Though several people discouraged him, some people supported him and encouraged his studies. A man named Sundar came forward to pay his hostel fee after knowing his story.

Naresh joined IIT Madras and maintained his excellence throughout the course. His passion for computer science and excellence in algorithms and game theory helped him get a job in Google with a good package.

There are many such people. You may even find some of them in your neighboring areas. Get motivated by them and focus your attention to achieve your goals to reach a top position.

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