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Siliguri’s first woman toto driver helps COVID patients

Siliguri’s first woman toto driver helps COVID patients

Several women are breaking barriers by choosing male-dominated jobs or works. Here is a woman who smashed gender stereotypes by becoming a driver of toto.

She is Munmun Sarkar from Shaktigarh, Siliguri. This 48-year-old is notable as the first woman toto driver in Siliguri.

Besides, she offers free rides to COVID infected people and delivers essential things like medicines, groceries etc. to those under home quarantine.

There is a social stigma associated with COVID-19. People infected with coronavirus are suffering due to this as no one is ready to help them. It made Munmun think about them and start free services for them.

So far, she offered free rides to more than 100 patients or those who recovered from it.

She does not charge fare from them. Instead, she spent nearly ₹3,000 on sanitization. She sanitizes her toto twice a day. In addition to that, she gets the passengers sanitized before boarding her vehicle.

She wears a PPE kit and carries a thermal testing gun in her toto.

The number of other passengers who avail her services has dropped since she initiated free services to COVID patients.

Her earnings also have dropped significantly due to this. Besides, her neighbours are shouting at her for doing this service. However, Munmun does not want to stop the service.

Munmun’s husband, Ananda, has been supporting her. He is into construction business and earns approximately ₹15,000 per month.

Since she is ferrying COVID patients, she isolates herself in a separate room at home as a precaution.

She also helps home quarantined people by bringing them essential things. Munmun works with an NGO, Unique Foundation in Siliguri. Her wish is to drive an ambulance, and she hopes to fulfil it soon.

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