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Shashi Soni: From humble beginnings to business icon

Shashi Soni: From humble beginnings to business icon

Self-made women’s success stories deeply inspire and motivate the youth. Shashi Soni’s journey is one such tale of determination and triumph.

It is an inspiration to many people across the country, proving that one can overcome any obstacle and achieve great success. In 1971, with just ₹10,000, Shashi launched her first business, Deep Transport.

By 1975, she adeptly managed the transport company and expanded into the cinema industry by opening Deep Mandir Cinema in Mumbai’s Mulund area. The cinema prospered until 1980.

Despite facing a decade of challenges, Shashi’s resilience led her to establish Oxygen Private Limited, a gas manufacturing plant in Mysuru.

In 2005, Shashi ventured into the tech industry. She founded Izmo Limited in Mysuru.

Izmo Ltd specializes in high-tech automotive and e-retailing services worldwide. Shashi now chairs the company, steering it towards innovation and growth.

Beyond business, Shashi is dedicated to social causes. She is an active member of the Deep Janseva Samiti, focusing on job placements, women’s education, pension schemes etc.

The Samiti creates social awareness among the poor on various things. In addition to that, it also provides support for differently-abled individuals. Her strong commitment to social welfare is unwavering and exemplary.

Before receiving the prestigious Padma Shri, Shashi had already gained widespread recognition in both the business and social welfare sectors.

Shashi’s achievements have been widely recognized. She received the Woman of the Year Award in 1990 for her significant contributions to Indian industry. Additionally, she holds significant positions in various industry associations.

Some of them include the All Indian Industrial Gas Manufacturers Association and the Technical Development Directorate.

Shashi Soni’s remarkable journey from Deep Transport to leading Izmo Limited exemplifies her perseverance and vision.

Her story continues to inspire many, demonstrating that with hard work and determination, success is attainable against all odds.

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