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School dropout who runs a company worth crores

School dropout who runs a company worth crores

Meet an inspiring youth who is motivating many people with his success beating the odds. This school dropout is successfully running a company in the UK. The annual turnover of his company is more than ₹2 crores.

Sheik Asif was born in Srinagar. Due to his father’s ill health, he had to drop out of school when he was in Class 8.  His father was a head constable. But, due to his ill health, Asif started working. Due to his passion for computers, he chose his first job related to them. His first job was data entry work in a local tourism-based venture. His salary was ₹1,500 at that time.

Apart from that, he took up various odd jobs for the livelihood of family members. However, he aimed to become an entrepreneur. He achieved it.

Now, Asif is an educator, author, digital marketer, educator, and philanthropist. His company, Thames Infotech, is based in Manchester, UK.

But he did not achieve the position overnight. As part of a project, he got a chance to visit the UK. He designed a website for a client in the past, due to which he got a chance to fly to the UK. Later he worked for another client, which made him earn around ₹7 lakhs.

It boosted the confidence in Asif to set up his own businesses. He employed a team to work out of two offices, in UK and Kashmir. Thus, he set up Thames Infotech. He says that it took 10 years for him to achieve his dream of entrepreneurship and get success.

Then, Asif observed the internet conditions in Kashmir. He started offering free classes to students on various topics like website designing, digital marketing, graphics etc.

He taught around 1,000 students and helped nearly 40 businesses get a digital presence. He wanted to continue these classes online for free and mentor many people.

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