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Pune IPS officer rewards citizens

Pune IPS officer rewards citizens

Despite the implementation of fines, it is quite common for most vehicle drivers to violate traffic rules.

Though the punishment system seems to change people, the ultimate result may not be the same as expected.

For a change, this police officer in Pune started rewarding citizens who follow traffic rules. This reward system worked well and several people began following traffic rules.

While penalties are going on for those who break rules, the Pune traffic police are now rewarding citizens who follow rules and have a clean track record by providing them with gift coupons.

Pankaj Deshmukh, the city’s Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) initiated the program in March 2019. So far, 15,000 citizens were rewarded with gift coupons. Within one month of rewarding the citizens, the program reached to many citizens.

The drive was started by stopping rule-conscious drivers and noting down their license and plate number.

After that, the police check the database of the drivers and if the record is clean, they ask for their mobile phone numbers to send the gift coupon code to get a discount on certain eateries and food chains.

Now the police want to expand it further. With this, the vehicle drivers with a clean track record can approach the traffic cops by themselves to check their track record to get a discount coupon.

As of now, there is no end to this initiative and the police department wants to continue it for some more months to reach many people.

The beneficiaries of this initiative expressed their happiness for being rewarded by the police. They said that this move will certainly show a great positive impact on vehicle drivers to follow traffic rules.

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