Unknown Wizards

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The Railways have given permission to a non-profit venture to adopt a railway station to the organization “Die Hard Indian” for the first time

How one call changed a tribe?

Shubhranshu Choudhary, the founder of CGNet Swara says that using technology can bring a lot of change in the world. He says that many

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Meet Vivek Vadke who decided to cut down his personal affairs to help the farmers. This 59-year-old chemical engineer from Thane decided to downsize

Orange seller builds a school

Hajabba grew up in a very poor family and dreamed of rolling beedis in the city. However, he ended up selling oranges. Later, he

The shop where everything is free for...

Do you know that there is a store in Hyderabad for the sake of the poor? This store reaches out to slum dwellers and