Unknown Wizards

Paraplegic sets records

Eric soon learned about the Limca Book of Records, and decided to venture out on the driving expedition tasks of the Limca Book.

Manali girl gets India’s first...

Despite the fact that government bodies provide very little support to winter sport athletes, 21-year-old Aanchal Thakur has managed to win the bronze medal

15-year old finishes engineering in one...

Nirbhay is a child prodigy. He finished his higher secondary schooling and senior secondary from class 8 to 12 in one year.

Want to grow a forest?

Miyawaki has been planting forests along the Japanese coastline, in order to protect it from soil erosion and tsunamis.

Man built house from waste

Most people find no alternate sources or methods while constructing their homes. This Kerala man thought differently and built an eco-friendly home with waste