Unknown Wizards

Daughter of vegetable seller is now a...

She began gaining national fame, winning the gold in the 52-kg category of the 1st Sub-Junior Women’s National Boxing Championship, held in Erode, Tamil

Class 12 girl makes Fridge that...

The model works based on evaporative cooling. One large rectangular structure is built from the bricks, and then a smaller structure is built inside

Meet the Tailor without arms

Lal is pleased with his tailoring ability, and he enjoys the independent feeling of making a successful living on his own. He also loves

Once a “bad student” now a YouTube...

He would often neglect his education to pursue innovations and experiments, which gained him criticism from all sources. The constant critiques and taunts even

Teenager fights for safe roads

Currently, five hundred thousand accidents happen per year in India, and one hundred and forty-six thousand of those accidents are fatal. Therefore, MyRoadSafety focuses