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NRI sells tea in Bhopal

NRI sells tea in Bhopal

Madhur Malhotra is an engineer and ex-NRI. He is a post graduate in IT and Communication Management in Australia. He worked in a reputed company and earned a handsome salary.

But, he left his job and returned to his home country to look after his old parents when his mother had to undergo open heart surgery.

After returning to India, Madhur joined his family’s construction business which he found uninteresting and monotonous.

Later, this 33-year old established Chai 34, a café in Bhopal. This café serves 22 types of delicious flavors of tea in terracotta cups in a warm environment with good music.

The establishment of his own café was interesting. When Madhur and his friend Shelly were sipping tea in a tea stall, they observed the dirty environment there as everyone was smoking which caused a lot of inconvenience to them who are non-smokers. The server who is serving there was dipping his dirty hands into the glasses. They also noted that there were no girls in the tea stall due to the environment.

Both the friends then decided to establish a café with family atmosphere for tea lovers. Initially they sold Irani chai which did not work out well. The founders spent all their savings in this business and worked very hard since they are unable to afford staff members.

But, with the introduction of terracotta cups that added extra flavor to tea, their café was a hit. There are as many as 400 customers visit the café in winter and most of them visit the café regularly. Now, 22 different flavors of tea are served in Chai 34. The café is also serving fast food, but tea remains their specialty. It has six staff members to serve them. The café retains its uniqueness by prohibiting smoking in the café.

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