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No hurdles can stop Shravya’s songs

No hurdles can stop Shravya’s songs

Shravya, like her name, sings songs very beautifully. She is from Vizag, but now she is living in Hyderabad.

Shravya Kanithi is visually challenged. Her parents Sujatha and Sudarshan consulted several physicians for her vision. They even proceeded for eye surgery as per the advice of the doctors, however, none of them succeeded.

Shravya’s mother Sujatha was adviced to join her in a school for the blind. But, when she saw the situation there, she did not like the advice and wanted to join Shravya in a normal school.

Many schools rejected Shravya’s admission. But, due to her mother’s efforts, she got admission in a school.

Yet, she had to work a lot for her studies. Shravya’s mother trained her using Taylor frame. She also used to record lessons every day in a Walkman for Shravya.

Before joining her in a school, Sujatha joined Shravya in music classes.

Shravya finished her graduation in Commerce from St Francis College for Women. She worked as a professional skills trainer at Uber after her graduation.

Currently, she is pursuing her MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad.

Simultaneously Shravya is practicing her music. She is professionally trained in Carnatic classical and light music.

She participated in various competitions on local Telugu channels.

Shravya won many prizes in singing competitions and TV shows.

She stood in the top 10 in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs, 2007. She also sang in the program in the USA held by NATA.

She even released a solo video song album, Marugelara.

Shravya never considered her disability an obstacle. Her parents encouraged her very much. Especially, her mother is her companion and aide.

Shravya wants to work on improving devices without the need of other’s assistance for the visually challenged people after her post-graduation.

Image Reference: Telanganatoday

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