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Nisha Madhulika – One of the highest-earning YouTubers

Nisha Madhulika – One of the highest-earning YouTubers

Nowadays, many people are becoming stars or celebrities with the help of social media platforms. During the lockdown, many people in India started YouTube channels and became popular. Some of them turned overnight stars.

But, long before YouTube was popular, this woman started her YouTube channel for cooking videos. She started it without any intention of getting money or fame.

She became very popular, and several young people are getting inspiration from her. Now she is one of the highest-earning YouTubers in India. She is Nisha Madhulika.

This 62-year-old turned chef on YouTube accidentally. She is a Science graduate. She lives in Delhi.

She supported her husband in his business for several years. Her children moved out as they grew up, which caused her to suffer from empty nest syndrome.

Nisha is good at cooking. So, to turn her mind from the pain, she started her YouTube channel in 2011. She did not get an immediate response, but she continued her work. She used the WordPress platform to post her content in those days. But with the increase of blogs, she could not manage it and ask for help from her son. He created a website in her name to post her content regularly.

She did not have adequate resources to post videos on YouTube in the beginning, but she managed it successfully. Slowly her videos grabbed the attention of viewers. Within a few years, over 3 million viewers subscribed to her channel.

Nisha received an award for her contribution to YouTube in 2017. In 2018, her videos crossed 769, 636, 028 views.

Now her net worth is $4.47 million. Apart from publishing videos, she is working as a restaurant consultant. Nisha is featured in many magazines like India Today, Bloomberg, Economist etc.

She has more than 12 million subscribers on YouTube. She published 1700 videos on different platforms. 5.2 million people are following her on Facebook. Her talent and hard work made her popular.

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