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Nagpur Man spends ₹85 lakhs to provide oxygen

Nagpur Man spends ₹85 lakhs to provide oxygen

Earlier you had known about a Mumbai man who sold his SUV to provide oxygen to the patients in need.

There is another oxygen man in Nagpur. He is Pyare Khan. He is the son of a petty grocer. Khan started his business by selling oranges outside Nagpur railway station around 25 years ago. Slowly his business improved. Now, he owns a company. The net worth of the company is ₹400 crores.

This self-made billionaire spent ₹85 lakhs to help provide medical liquid oxygen to the patients of government hospitals in and around Nagpur. He spent money for transportation of medical oxygen to the patients and ensured 400 metric tonnes of oxygen reached the patients.

Despite the offer of authorities to reimburse the money he spent for transportation of oxygen, Pyare Khan refused.  He said that it is his zakat for the people in need during the month of Ramzan.

So far, he provided more than 32 tonnes of oxygen and saved the lives of several hundreds of people.

Pyare Khan said that it is his duty to serve the people in need, especially when the country is facing the crisis of oxygen. He had to pay three times more while hiring cryogenic gas tankers from Bengaluru to Nagpur. Even in such a situation, Khan did not bargain but paid ₹14 lakhs more than the normal market price. He said that money is not a problem now. But his only aim is to serve the people in need and make sure the oxygen supplies reach patients to solve their problems.

Khan is also planning to airlift more oxygen tankers from Brussels to meet the oxygen needs of the country. Besides, he would like to donate 116 oxygen concentrators to AIIMS, government medical college and hospital in Nagpur.

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