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Mumbai NGO offers free food and shelter to children of COVID patients

Mumbai NGO offers free food and shelter to children of COVID patients

If an individual in a family has tested positive for COVID-19, it is spreading to the entire family within no time. In the first wave of COVID-19, family members of COVID-19 patients took care of them by keeping them in isolation. But now, in the second wave, the entire family is being infected with COVID-19. In this situation, children and elderly people in the home lack care and attention.

Besides, in many areas, especially in Mumbai, many people do not have enough space in their houses to be isolated. Most of them are living in a single room. In such cases, if parents have tested positive for COVID-19, it is difficult for them to keep their children separate. Hence, an NGO, Rouble Nagi Art Foundation (RNAF) came forward to help such children.

This Mumbai-based NGO converted their balwadis into COVID-care centres to help uninfected children whose parents have tested positive.

Children can get food and shelter for free at these centres. They can also study as volunteers teach them.

Rouble Nagi, the founder of the NGO says that the initiative was taken to help the children of COVID affected parents. As per studies, around 35% of deaths occurred in people between 45 and 60 years, and 10% of deaths in 26-44 years. As a result, their children are becoming homeless.

Besides, the children of COVID patients feel depressed at home due to a lack of interaction with their parents. They also suffer from certain physical and mental problems.

RNAF provides shelter with a nutritious diet and education. Thus, it helps for the well-being of children. Besides, the NGO connects children with their parents whenever it is possible.

To get admission to the centre, the children need to be tested negative. In addition to that, all children are tested every ten days.

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