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Motivating story of a Radio Jockey

Motivating story of a Radio Jockey

Daisy Edwin, you might have known about her as a popular Radio Jockey in London. But, there were many hurdles which she had to cross in her life to attain the present position.

Daisy Edwin is from Erode, Tamil Nadu. Since her childhood, she has been dreaming about becoming an RJ.

But, due to her poor family condition, she joined in Nursing after she completed plus 2 education.

At that time, due to lack of enough money to buy books, she borrowed them from her friends and appeared for her exams. She achieved first rank in the state in Nursing.

Then, she applied for work permit visa in England. The day before her visa interview, her father had suffered with sudden heart attack and the family had to spend the whole money they had with them to save his life.

With this major tragic condition, she could not perform well in the interview. As a result her visa was rejected.

But, she again appealed for an interview and prepared well. Then she attended again for the interview.

The officer who rejected her visa earlier had joked at her. But her subject knowledge and her beautiful English pronunciation were appreciated by another officer due to which she could step her foot in England.

Motivating story of a Radio Jockey

Motivating story of a Radio Jockey

Daisy’s problems were not ended even after her reaching abroad. Her job was in a hospital which is located very far from London. She was struggling to commute to that place. She lost her job within a month. Her owner of the home sold the house which led her to the road. She cried a lot at that time.

Suddenly, she remembered a person who helped her in crossing the road when she newly entered into the city. He also gave her a visiting card. He is a non-resident Tamil of Sri Lanka. She called him and met him. Then, she came to know that he had a hospital in London.

Daisy joined in that hospital as a nurse. She met International Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) and requested them to let her work as an RJ after she settled financially. She used to work as a nurse for three days and an RJ for two days in a week.

Later, Daisy got invitation from another International Tamil Radio Station that is working from the USA. She became very popular. Daisy started her own channel Media Dais Entertainment two years ago to broadcast the programmes that improve creativity among the youth. She also bought a home in London.

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