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Meet Reyansh, World’s Youngest Yoga Instructor

Meet Reyansh, World’s Youngest Yoga Instructor

At the age of nine years, many children play video games online or enjoy watching cartoon channels on TV. But, this boy became a yoga instructor.

Reyansh Surani, a 9-year-old Indian boy, created a Guinness World Record by becoming the world’s youngest yoga instructor. He completed the Teacher Training course from a yoga school in Rishikesh. The Guinness World Records shared a video showing his yoga journey.

Reyansh lives in Dubai with his family. He started practising yoga when he was four years old.

At that time, Reyansh’s parents were attending a yoga teacher’s training course in Rishikesh. He also wanted to join them to become a certified yoga instructor.

Reyansh completed a 200-hour training course and received a certificate from Anand Shekhar Yoga School in July 2021. He learned many important aspects of yoga in the course, like anatomic philosophy and the health benefits of yoga. He enjoyed the course very much and finished it with ease.

Now, he became the world’s youngest certified yoga instructor at the age of nine years and 220 days and set a new Guinness World Record.

Reyansh says that the course helped to change his view on yoga. Before joining the course, he thought that yoga was meant for physical postures and breathing. But, during his training course, he learned that yoga has many benefits and aspects.

He is happy that he can teach these aspects to others also and share his knowledge with the world.

As of now, Reyansh has no plans for the future. However, he wants to host virtual reality yoga classes on the platforms like a metaverse. Currently, he is conducting classes for small groups of people. He teaches his friends in groups of 10 to 15 children at school.

Reyansh is the first person to achieve the record in his community and school. His parents were also happy about his achievement of earning the world record at a tender age.

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