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Meet Kerala’s first woman ambulance driver

Meet Kerala’s first woman ambulance driver

There are plenty of opportunities for modern women. They are choosing different types of careers that are male-dominated. They are proving that women can do any job if an opportunity is given to them. They do not want to be stereotyped.

Here is an inspiring woman who breaks the glass ceiling. 42-year-old Deepamol from Kottayam, Kerala, chose ambulance driving. She is the first woman ambulance driver of Kerala. She cleared all the driving tests required for driving an ambulance.

The officials of the ‘KANIV 108’ ambulance service are pleased with her driving skills. She is going to be positioned in Kottayam.

She began her duty as an ambulance driver on International Women’s Day. She received the keys for the ambulance from health minister Veena George.

The health minister appreciated Deepamol’s decision. She said that her decision will motivate many other women as well to pursue a career of their choice.

Deepamol has been passionate about driving for many years. Besides, she wants to save the lives of people, especially during the golden hour. Hence, she chose this profession.

She started driving to support her family when her husband fell ill. She learned driving of heavy vehicles also.

She received a driving licence in 2008. After a year, i.e. in 2009, she received a licence to drive heavy vehicles.

Deepamol can drive many heavy vehicles, including tipper lorries. She runs a driving school.

She had a desire of taking a solo bike trip. She fulfilled it by riding a two-wheeler from Kottayam to Ladakh in 16 days in 2021. Also, she won an off-road driving contest held at Thrissur.

Deepamol says that women, rather than confining to the kitchen, should come forward to use their skills. She also says that they should be ready for taking any type of job to achieve financial independence.

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