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Man from humble origins feeds hundreds of people

Man from humble origins feeds hundreds of peopleMan from humble origins feeds hundreds of people

Meet Hemant Patel, a man who didn’t have money to feed his own daughter. However, today, he is able to feed hundreds of people at government hospitals.

Hemant is someone who experienced hunger a lot in his life. When his daughter fell ill and was admitted to a government hospital, she asked him to get outside as the hospital food was bad. However, Hemant did not even have Rs.10 with him at that time as he lost his job from a travel company. He could not find a way to feed his hungry daughter and found that many others around him were in a similar state. With his luck, his daughter recovered. However, he could not forget that incident.

In 2002, he again saw a similar situation at the time of riots and when thousands of wounded were admitted to a hospital. By that time, Hemant has started his own catering business. One of them was his friend. He saw the pain of the patients there who couldn’t get food.

Since then, Hemant began to go to hospital every day to deliver healthy cooked meals to the patients.

He cooks by himself and prepares meals containing rice, daal and roti for about 250-300 people in the hospital. When there are special occasions and festivals, he even makes a sweet too.

Every day, the patients and relatives are eager for his arrival. Hemant starts his cooking at 4pm every day. It takes him about two hours to prepare everything and then Hemant leaves to deliver at 6:30. His healthy and delicious meals and his care towards the patients won a special place for him in their hearts.

Hemant also started visiting slums in Ahmedabad and feed 150 families in need whenever he went. He does all this without having any donor’s support. It costs him Rs. 60,000 every month to do so. Even today, he wants to help more people. He hopes to have support from the government.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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