Nandlal is breaking all stereotypes of Indian marriage

The man who is breaking all stereotypes of Indian marriage

Indian marriage

Varanasi based man is set on a journey to eliminate dowry, caste system, child labour, child marriage and many more. He is set to reduce the stereotypes related to Indian marriage.

Nandlal Master has taken a strong initiative to battle this child labour from the state and also to empower women for a better future.

A young boy who worked as a child labourer 10 years ago now has a government job. Another kid has a Master’s degree, and the girl who was all set to marry at a tender age is now learning various life skills.

These are just a few examples of change that one man’s efforts have brought in the lives of people of Rajatalab, a village near Varanasi.

Nandlal, a local weaver has started a learning center in 1994 with a handful of students. The initiative he took back then now grew to engage 500 students from many nearby districts.

This was not enough for him. He wanted to challenge all stereotypes regarding marriage and other problems.

He took strong initiatives for girl child education and to save them from early marriages.

He started initiatives to reduce the burden that marriage puts on families and to stop child marriage.

He started a group wedding program where 13 couples were married at one place to save money.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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