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Kind heart of Kerala Police

Kind heart of Kerala Police

Normally, many people complain about the police on various subjects. However, the crisis of coronavirus changed the opinion of people on them.

Several police officers stretched their helping hands to save and protect common people during the lockdown. Being one among frontline warriors of COVID-19, police worked very hard during the lockdown.

Some helped the migrant workers reach their home areas and some others provided them with their monthly ration.

Here is another instance that proved the kind heart of police once again.

A woman in Kerala approached a police station in Palode. She filed a petition in the station in which she wrote that she has been struggling to survive along with her two little children. She requested the police officer to lend ₹2,000 to her to travel to Kollam where her elder daughter was studying. She wanted to go there to get her daughter’s transfer certificate.

She assured him to repay the money when she resumes working. The woman was estranged by her husband. Since then, she has been looking after her two daughters by working as a domestic helper.

She lost her job due to the lockdown. She felt it difficult to feed her two children without a job or money. She did not find anyone to help her. Hence, she decided to request help from the cops. She approached the police and submitted her request letter.

The police took her petition. SI Satheesh Kumar received the letter from the woman. He was moved by her position. He decided to help her. Other police officers also came forward to help her. They all contributed to buy groceries for her family to meet their needs for a month.

When the woman visited the police station again after a couple of days, she was surprised to get groceries from the police. She felt very happy and thanked them.

Image Reference: Indiatimes

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