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Isha Blokhra: The 7 year old environmentalist

Isha Blokhra: The 7 year old environmentalist

With the Earth having sustained the human race for over 200,000 years, it is and has always been our home, providing us with everything.

However, humanity has done the planet great damage in return. From extreme deforestation to rapid global warming to the draining of the resources of the planet, humans seem to have brought nothing but harm to their home.

However, there are those who seek to preserve the natural way of this planet and keep it alive. One of these people, seven-year-old Isha Blokhra, has taken time to travel to India all the way from her home in New Jersey, US, to do so.

Recently, the young girl learned from her school about global warming and its danger to the planet, and how important trees are in combating its negative effects. With the birthday of her father, Raakesh Blokhra, coming up, she asked him what he wanted to do for it.

However, he wanted her to decide for him instead. Isha then came up with the idea to plant a tree for his birthday, since a birthday is an anniversary of another year of life. She and her family then expanded upon this idea and decided to plant a tree for each year of their lives, which was a total of 750 trees.

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of her grandparents’ wedding, Isha and her family traveled to India in June. Isha decided that she wanted to start off her tree-planting there.

Her family came from around the country to help her idea come into fruition. They also got in contact with singer Daler Mehndi and his Green Drive Initiative in the Delhi-NCR region, which has so far planted over 800,000 trees.

Isha Blokhra: The 7 year old environmentalist

Isha Blokhra: The 7 year old environmentalist

With Isha’s idea ready for action, her family members have now begun their mission to plant a tree for each year they have been alive.

Her awareness and caring for the environment gives a hopeful outlook for the human race, promising a more aware generation who can help our planet survive.

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