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IRTS officers launch emergency helpline SETU

IRTS officers launch emergency helpline SETU

An emergency-like situation is prevalent globally. Getting essential things especially during the time of emergencies is difficult.

There are several instances in the country where people do not have access to emergency things.

For instance, a few days ago, parents of a small autistic child from Odisha requested an IPS officer for camel milk as he is allergic to cow milk.

Camel milk is quite difficult to get even under normal conditions. Now, in the present circumstances, it became impossible for them to obtain it.

The IPS officer directed the parents to SETU, launched by Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) officers. SETU is an emergency helpline that works round the clock to supply essential items including healthcare supplies, and medicines etc. to citizens across the country.

SETU warriors comprise senior IRTS officials and probationary trainees in the service.

These officers are also working with rural farmers to connect to urban consumers to bridge the gap between demand and supply during the lockdown.

When the parents of the little boy approached SETU for camel milk, it was delivered to them from Rajasthan within two days.

The milk was also supplied to some other children who needed it in remote areas of Odisha and Rajasthan.

Initially, the helpline was intended to provide urgent medical supplies to patients with life-threatening diseases like cancer, and senior citizens and differently-abled individuals who are staying alone.

But, later, several other citizens also contacted them for help to get access to other essential things.

After receiving many frantic calls from farmers and other people, they segregated their operations into three categories – pharmaceuticals, agricultural, and other miscellaneous emergencies.

A team of designated IRTS officials will attend the calls to solve the problems.

Several people call them to seek their assistance.  Those who need their service can reach them on 8448848477.

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