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Inspiring success story of Vaibhav Jha

Inspiring success story of Vaibhav Jha

At the time when examination results are now being released all over the country, many students are looking ahead with hope of their new education and new life. Others, despite having often been told that failure is not the end of the world, are in shame and despair after seeing their poor results.

They fear the life which is now in store for them, and some are even driven to consider suicide. However, there are people like Vaibhav Jha who prove that people can indeed move far beyond their failure.

After the failed results of his Class 12 board exam had come back, his family had nearly abandoned him after seeing them.

They had expected him to go the route of engineering, and were highly disappointed in him.

Their reaction calls to attention the Indian stigma around academic failure.

Now, however, in realizing that they simply did not understand him, Jha does not blame his family for their reaction, and he no longer believes that they truly did not like him.

Jha had had a tough time of it, between the teachers and subjects he hated and his near attempt to sell his kidney in order to secure the money for the CBSE question papers offered to him.

Inspiring success story of Vaibhav Jha

Inspiring success story of Vaibhav Jha


However, at twenty-six years of age, he has come a long way since then, now being the founder of a design and advertising setup.

In a recent Facebook post, as well as confessing these things, Jha encourages people to not despair, and that it is perfectly alright not to like what one studies, but rather to simply get through it and to do it well.

Through his success that followed his initial failure, he has hope to send a message out to the world that it is only a temporary setback in life.

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