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Indian Idol 11 winner Sunny Hindustani

Indian Idol 11 winner Sunny Hindustani

Indian Idol 11 winner Sunny Hindustani is inspiring millions of young Indians with his victory. He was a shoe shiner. He was barely meeting his daily needs.

Hailing from a poor financial background, he borrowed money to participate in the auditions of Indian Idol show.

He never expected that his life would change with this reality show. But, by winning this competition, he remained a hero in the hearts of many people.

Sunny Hindustani from Punjab began his journey in Indian Idol last year by participating in the auditions.

His journey finished by winning in the reality show. He was awarded a trophy and a ₹25 lakh prize money.

Sunny has 3 sisters and a brother. He used to sing while shining shoes. His family lives in a two-room house.

This 21-year-old lost his father. After that, his family struggled a lot to meet the needs. His mother sells balloons in Punjab.

When she was not getting enough money to feed her children, Sunny’s mother used to beg rice for them. Sunny was hurt by this. He also earns meagre amount with shoe shining.

He dropped out of school after class 6 due to his family conditions and has been polishing shoes to feed his family.

The family had a debt of nearly ₹2.50 lakh. They sold their house and somehow managed to construct two rooms.

They could not afford to pay the electricity bill due to which their power connection was disconnected.

All this has not stopped him from being a good singer. Sunny loves signing. He sings very well. His parents encouraged his singing. His father gifted him a harmonium.

He applied for Indian Idol audition in Chandigarh by borrowing money from someone.

His audition tape went viral after it was shared by Anand Mahindra on Diwali in October.

He impressed the judges with his voice which resembles that of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Image Reference: Hindustantimes

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