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IIT graduate earns crores with dairy farming

IIT graduate earns crores with dairy farming

Have you ever wondered how much a person can earn with dairy farming? What do you say when an individual quit a job in the US and starts dairy farming?

Believe it or not, this man is earning over ₹40crores with the dairy business. Kishore Indukuri is an IIT graduate. After completing his graduation from IIT Kharagpur, he went to the US to pursue his post-graduation. Later he finished his PhD there and got a high-paying job. He worked at Intel for six years.

However, Kishore was not happy with his life, and he wanted to return to his hometown of Karnataka to lead a simple and happy life. He quit his job and returned to India as decided.

But, he did not go to his hometown in Karnataka. He had to visit Hyderabad in Telangana. At that time, he realized that there were only a few options for the residents to get hygienic milk. He then thought of starting a dairy business in the city. He started dairy farming with 20 cows in 2012. He started delivering organic milk to customers with the help of his family members.

Like every business, the dairy business also has some challenges. One of the most common problems is to keep the milk fresh from milking to reach customers. Hence, Kishore bought a freeze-store system to improve the longevity of the milk.

Kishore named his firm after his son Sidharth. Within six years, i.e. by 2018, Sid’s Farm had more than 6,000 regular customers in and around Hyderabad. Sid’s Farm is at Shabad. It has around 120 employees with annual revenue of ₹44 crores. The farm sells organic milk, curd, and ghee. Now, the farm has over 10,000 regular customers.

Image by Greg Stuessel from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/photos/cow-heifer-heard-cattle-calf-5084848/

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