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How a homeless kid turned to an entrepreneur

How a homeless kid turned to an entrepreneur

Amin Sheikh, a street kid once, is now an entrepreneur, an author of a book, and a supporter of street children.

He worked as a child labourer at the age of five years in a tea shop in Mumbai and was often ill-treated by cranky customers. And the worst part was, he did not get relief even at home. He was abused and assaulted by his step father frequently for minor causes. All this made him ran away from home.

He begged, stole, polished shoes and did everything that came his way to acquire his daily bread, and yet often found it difficult to get at least a single meal per day.

After spending three years in miserable conditions, he was taken by Snehasadan. It is an NGO for homeless children. He was educated by the organization and got driver’s license. He then went to work as a chauffeur for Eustace, a close friend of Snehasadan. It changed his life entirely. Eustace helped him to set up his own car rental company.

This self-made entrepreneur wrote his story and published a book. So far, 10,000 copies of the book are sold. The book has been translated into seven languages by the people across the world, who went on to become his friends. The book is also available for e-readers.

Now, he wants to support the street children from the profits he made for their education and employment.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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