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Haryana girl gets gold at Para Athletics Grand Prix

Haryana girl gets gold at Para Athletics Grand Prix

Ekta Bhyan, a 33-year-old woman from Haryana, has recently brought immense pride to her country. She has participated in the 2018 World Para Athletics Grand Prix, held in Tunisia. At the Grand Prix, Bhyan won two medals.

She won one bronze medal and one gold medal. However, this news is only coming out 3 weeks after her actual win. Bhyan won these medals on June 25th.

Her brother’s tweets about her accomplishments only became viral very recently. Now, people at home can appreciate her determination to enter the World Para Athletics Grand Prix, as well as her accomplishments of earning these medals.

Bhyan was unfortunately involved in a road accident in 2003. She received an injury in her spinal cord. This resulted in the complete paralysis of her entire lower body. She also went through two major operations.

She had to spend many months in rehabilitation. However, Bhyan kept herself going through her sheer determination and her desire to stay physically fit.

In 2014, she started playing sports to achieve that desire. Her hardships have only made her stronger, both in her mind and in her body.

One of Bhyan’s motivations was Amit Soroha, a winner of the Arjuna Award. Soroha trained her in the discus throw and the club throw.

Now, after all she has been through, Bhyan has emerged as a multiple medal-winner in the 2018 World Para Athletics Grand Prix.

Sanchit Malik, her brother, excitedly tweeted about his sister’s accomplishments. He added that he hoped the media would cover her inspirational story someday. Now, her story has reached the media.

Bollywood celebrities, such as Swara Bhaskar and Boman Irani, have also posted tweets that congratulate Bhyan on her outstanding accomplishments.

Bhyan’s determination and eventual success is an inspiration for anyone who hopes to overcome their hardships and do great things.

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