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Girl leaves job to construct toilets

Girl who left job to construct toilets

Sonam Dumbre, a girl who has never stepped out of Maharasthra has done something extraordinary. She was born and raised in Mumbai and had a loving family. She completed her post graduating in Environmental Sciences and was leading a pretty normal until a visit to the SBI website changed her life.

She read about the SBI’s Youth for India fellowship. She read about it and immediately shifted to Kovilthavu salt pans in Tamil Nadu.

She changed the lives of hundreds of salt pan workers by giving them access to the much needed toilets. Sonam says that this Salt work needs a lot of physical labour in high temperatures which leads to rapid loss of water from body. She adds that this needs to be replaced during the work hours as body is not capable of storing water for long. She found that most of the workers are suffering with dehydration and the reason behind it was shocking.

She found that due to the lack of toilets most of the workers wanted to avoid urination as much as possible. As a result, most of them would reduce the water intake. To help these people, she developed a urinal which can be installed in the salt pan area. She came up with two prototypes. The first one is a basic design which is low cost. The first design is the one she is interested to develop. The second one design requires vacuum evaporation technique. With these urinals she has changed the lives of these workers.

Image Reference: Thebeeterindia

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