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Facebook group which connects entrepreneurs

Facebook group which connects entrepreneurs

There are many entrepreneurs these days trying to make it big in the world. In order to help these entrepreneurs, a Facebook community has been started. It is called Startup Delhi. Abhishek Kumar Gupta the admin of the Facebook community says that the community is made for many young people who are living with hope of entrepreneurship.

Many college graduates try to start their own business but most of them lack guidance. They do not know how to register a company, develop an app, how to reach to the target audience, how to build the right team, etc.

The Facebook group was started in September last year. It was meant as a platform to bring likeminded people together and let them help each other out. The platform is aimed at people sharing their knowledge and resources with others who need it.

Abhishek talked about how the platform was in the beginning and how it grew. It started with the sole vision to connect entrepreneurs with similar minded people. Here inexperienced people can meet other experienced people who can guide them with their ideas.

The community started small and soon started to grow. Many people asked Abhishek questions about how to start their company in the beginning. Now there are many members in the group to answer and guide new comers.

Startup Delhi community currently has about 31,000 people. The place grew to be more than just query sharing group. Now, there are people posting for job vacancies, looks for jobs, post resumes, share reading resources for other entrepreneurs, post requests for mentorship, etc in the community. Abhishek is even planning to register Startup Delhi Private Limited as a company.

Furthermore, Abhishek also holds offline events in Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru. The events are to help new entrepreneurs find co-founders. They even talk about topics like crowd funding, how to raise funds, start blogging, hire the right candidates etc.

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