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This Doctor nun saved hundreds of lives

This Doctor nun saved hundreds of lives

Back in 1977, the Fatima Hospital in the village of Maunath Bhanjan in Uttar Pradesh was simply a dispensary that was occupied by people on their final stage of disease, about to die.

However, it was Sister Jude Emmy Rose, a woman from the village of Malayattoor in the Ernakulam district, who would change this hospital forever.

In 40 years, Sister Jude singlehandedly transformed the Fatima Hospital from a dispensary for the dying to a fully operational hospital that could help people live.

Thanks to her dedicated efforts, not to mention the numerous lives of women and babies she has saved, Sister Jude was recently awarded the Rani Laxmi Bai Award for her medical accomplishments.

Ever since Sister Jude was a child, she was always inclined toward leading a holy life. This lead her to her pursuit of gynecology in the Lady Hardinge Medical College in Delhi.

After that, she was appointed to work at the Fatima Hospital by the Medical Sisters of St. Joseph in 1977.

Sister Jude became fully committed to her job, taking on every single case that came her way. This even went to the extent of her attending to 382 patients on a single day.

Sister Jude only takes one week off of her job every year, which she uses to visit her family in Kerala.

Her life might not have gone the way she had initially expected it to go, but she is a saint for the many people she has saved and helped.

Now, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has presented Sister Jude with the Rani Laxmi Bai Award for her incredible medical accomplishments and her dedication to her work.

Sister Jude is also known as Mother Teresa of Mau, and with good reason, since she would always choose the needs of her patients over the needs of herself.


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