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The doctor who faced wars and epidemics

The doctor who faced wars and epidemics

Dr. Shiny Kaki comes from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, and she completed her MBBS at CMC College in 2009.

Since then, she has been dedicating her life to her career as a physician, one who specializes in dangerous tasks.

Shiny dedicated the first two years of her career to serving a leprosy hospital on Allahabad, where she helped raise awareness about the fact that leprosy can be cured.

In September of 2013, she decided to join Doctors without Borders, an independent international humanitarian organization which goes abroad to deliver emergency medical care for people in crisis.

Shiny had always been attracted to Doctors without Borders for their admirable bravery, risking their lives to go into dangerous foreign crises.

After she applied and was accepted, she was sent to her first project, a hospital on the conflict-ridden border of Ethiopia and Somalia, where she helped residents that got hurt in the crossfire.

Shiny then went to a refugee camp in South Sudan, where she helped provide basic medical services.

She also served during a cholera epidemic in the Yemen civil war, and she later served in Maiduguri, Nigeria, to help combat the severe cases of malnutrition in the area.

Sometimes, Shiny has had second thoughts about her decision to join Doctors without Borders, especially when she realizes the dangers that come with the job. Additionally, she receives sexist discrimination at her job as well.

The doctor who faced wars and epidemics

The doctor who faced wars and epidemics


Many of her coworker men refuse to follow her orders, corrections, or suggestions while handling patients, simply because she is a young woman. However, these things have not deterred Shiny from her career.

She knows that she is doing the right thing, risking her own life to save many others.

Shiny encourages people to not be afraid of confrontation, and to keep pushing through life, regardless of whatever challenges may be faced.

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