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Designer teaches kids to make raincoats

Designer teaches kids to make raincoats

Anuj Sharma, a designer goes to show that creativity can solve multiple problems with a solution. When he was asked to give some raincoats for the children in slums of Ahmedabad, he came up with an idea to teach them how to make raincoats instead. He helped the children to make raincoats using some tarpaulin, buttons and rubber bands.

Anuj says that even though cloth making is a skill limited to those who have studied and practiced it, he wanted to help the children use a simple technique of manufacturing clothing. It is a DIY method that is simple enough to be taught to kids.

With that in mind, he founded ‘Button Masala’, a quick method to make clothes. The aim is to let anyone who is interested make clothes with ease. This technique is simple and unique as it just uses buttons and rubber bands.

He went to the slum and taught five kids this technique. Using it, the children made a raincoat in just few minutes! Culture Machine, a video entertainment company which originally asked Anuj to give the children raincoats, collaborated along with him to turn the day in to fashion photography session. At the end, they made a video of the whole procedure.

‘Button Masala’ is a technique which can be used to make clothes, bags, etc. using buttons and rubber bands in just a few minutes. This is a very cheap and sustainable technique says Anuj. All one needs is a cloth in required size with buttons and rubber bands. The buttons are stitched on the fabric at an equal distance. Straps with button holes at the same distance as the buttons are used to drape the cloth into a garment. Anuj came up with the idea to not use straps and instead used rubber bands to secure the buttons inserted into the cloth.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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