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Couple earns good income with flower subscription service

Couple earns good income with flower subscription service

Entrepreneurship is the dream of many people. While some people turn to be entrepreneurs out of need, this couple turned to entrepreneurs due to their passion.

Pooja and Amita Tripathi from Gurugram have a passion for flowers. They wanted to launch a flower subscription service. They quit their jobs at multinational companies and started a weekly flower subscription service, Bring My Flowers (BMF).

The couple had no prior experience in this field. Yet, their zeal and passion led their journey to success.

Their journey started with 21 customers initially. Now, they have more than 4,000 active flower subscriptions.

Pooja says that fresh flowers refresh their surroundings and keep people energized. She used to buy different flowers while returning from her work each Friday and keep them at home. It helped the couple to refresh and keep their ambit revive.

The couple wanted to something, but they did not know what to start. But, their passion for flowers helped them decide. They launched a flower subscription service thinking that many people like them are interested in buying flowers to keep them energized.

Thus, BMF was launched, aiming to home deliver the required flowers for a lesser cost than that of high-street flower boutiques.

Before starting their venture, the couple did a lot of research on various things: These things include types of flowers available at each season and factors that affect their prices. They also wanted to know the life of each flower and their withering time. They used to buy different types of flowers to experiment. This process continued for around a year.

They highlighted the important points based on their findings. Their research helped them build a brand.

They started BMF with ₹10 lakhs to establish the required infrastructure to store flowers in large quantities. They learned many business lessons during their entrepreneurial journey.

Now the startup has 19 employees. The couple generates ₹7 lakhs per month.

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