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College lecturers feed students

College lecturers feed students

Many state governments are providing mid-day meals to students that study in government schools.

But, there is no such scheme in government colleges.

To feed students that study in the government junior college, the college lecturers collect money and are offering mid-day meals to them.

The staff in government junior college, Mahbubnagar, Telangana is feeding students from their own money.

This mid-day meal scheme is intended to provide nutritious food to students of the college. The college lecturers and other staff are donating money from their salaries every month to run the programme successfully.

M Bhagavantha Chari, the principal of the college said that most of students were underprivileged and hailed from poor families.

They come to college by travelling 15 to 25 km daily to study. Many of them work at their farms before coming to college; hence, they do not have their breakfast.

They also do not carry their lunch. After noticing their problems, the college staff decided to do something for the students.

They contacted the Akshaya Patra Foundation and introduced mid-day meal scheme for all students in the college.

This increased the attendance of the students. As students are having a healthy meal, they are studying well which in turn helped their performance as well.

The meal is provided at ₹25 per plate by the Akshaya Patra Foundation. There are nearly 750 students in the college.

The college staff is contributing ₹10 and the remaining ₹15 is borne by Mahbubnagar municipality.

The Excise minister donated ₹25,000 for the scheme. The scheme was launched in December and the attendance has been increased since the launch of the mid-day meal programme.

The college staff is being applauded by the villagers and students for their great initiative.

Image Reference: Indiatimes

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