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Coimbatore goldsmith sells gold and silver face masks

Coimbatore goldsmith sells gold and silver face masks

Face masks or covers are mandatory now. Different face masks emerge into the market to attract customers.

While several cloth masks and reusable face masks are used by many people in India, some others want to buy novel masks.

A goldsmith in Coimbatore designed face masks with gold and silver. Radhakrishnan Sundaram Acharya owned a jewellery shop in Coimbatore.

Radhakrishnan Sundaram, who has been in the jewellery industry is master in making waistcoats, turbans and jackets with gold.

He also sells clothes made of gold on special occasions. Now, during COVID-19 pandemic, he is designing gold and silver face masks for the users.

Radhakrishnan said that this mask can be used an ornament now and can be used for other ornaments later by melting the metal.

These masks need huge handwork. Moreover, these are precious. Hence, he made these masks himself with the help of his family.

The only machine work involved in these masks is to draw a gold wire of 0.06 mm in thickness.

He said that these face masks are stretchable like a regular face mask. This four-layer mask consists of three layers of cloth and one layer of gold or silver. He uses gold or silver threads to design mask.

He completes designing a face mask in a week. He uses 46.5 grams of 18-carat gold which costs about ₹2.75 lakhs. If anybody wants a gold mask of 22-carat gold, it will also be made.

However, netizens question the effectiveness of the mask. Some others are worried about the risks involved with it. There is a risk of stealing the mask and if stolen spreading of coronavirus infection is another risk.

Some others said sarcastically that this mask helps to be a great investment and can be sold for the treatment of coronavirus if they got infected.

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