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Chennai teens distribute cloth bags made with bedsheets

Chennai teens distribute cloth bags made with bedsheets

Many states in India are implementing a ban on single-use plastics. Several people are opting ways to stay away from plastic use.

Chennai based brothers Jai (17) and Preet Aswani (13) decided to do something in this regard. They distributed cloths bags to many people.

The idea of the distribution of cloth bags came to their mind when they visited an old age home.

Varsha Aswani, the mother of these boys is proud of her sons’ eco and social conscience. She says that the boys visit an old age home in their area. At that time, they met a group of women who have skills in stitching cloth bags.

The brothers wanted to help the women. At the same time, they thought the work should be useful to the environment. Then the idea of cloth bags came to their mind.

However, when they found that cloth is expensive, the boys decided to collect old bedsheets from the hotels to make cloth bags.

They started the initiative with the help of social media. They also described their motive to their friends and neighbours who supported a lot.

The hotels clean bedsheets, iron and send them to the boys. The stitching cost of the bags ranges from ₹3 to ₹5 based on their size. Their friends and family supported them. They are giving money to women who stitch the bags.

The boys also collect donations to be distributed to the self-help groups and NGOs that work for visually challenged people.

So far, these teens distributed 1 lakh cloth bags for free. They want to distribute more this year as well.

The boys want to adopt an area in the city to make it completely plastic-free. They have received several awards including the Param Award and the Young Achiever Award for their work.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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