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Chennai engineers help you pay for scrap

Chennai engineers help you pay for scrap

Scrap is a growing problem everywhere. There are many people exploring ways to handle scrap.

Santharam Sathyamoorthy and Udhaya Kumar⁠ are mechanical engineering graduates from Chennai.

They used to offer scrap waste collection service offline. However, they turned it to a full-fledged startup.

They founded the Trashman Green Technology and developed an app, the Trashman.

These engineers help the residents dispose of their garbage responsibly using the app.

So far 5000 people downloaded this app.

The app users can choose a time and place to have their scrap picked up. While the location is automatically recognized, they will have to enter their flat number or door number.

The executives of Trashman would visit their homes to collect the scrap. They pay for the scrap as per the type and weight.

For instance, paper waste is collected at the rate of ₹8 per kg while cardboard boxes are paid at ₹4 per kg.

In addition to that, users will be gifted a plant sapling for their responsible waste management.

The collected scrap is sent to a warehouse and segregated by category. It is then sold to recycling traders in Kundrathur and Thirumudivakkam.

Currently, the Trashman’s services are available in Alapakkam Sanatorium, Tambaram, Chromepet, Mudichur, Hastinapuram, Selaiyur, Perungalathur, and Perumbakkam.

The duo wants to extend the services all over Chennai aiming to cover Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) and Kelambakkam soon.

Trashman’s executives collect plastic waste, kitchen utensils, cardboard boxes, batteries and electric home appliances.

The aim of these engineers is to promote responsible waste management among citizens and make Chennai a waste-free city. Rather than allowing trash to end up in a landfill, they started a business to ease the recycling process by collecting it from the doorsteps of the customers.

They are neither tied up with any government body nor with any private entity.

In the future, they want to start a biogas plant to turn waste into electric energy.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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