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This man installs biogas plant in balcony

This man installs biogas plant in balcony

The first biogas generation plan was successfully set up around 160 years ago in Mumbai. Since then, millions of biogas plants have been established in the country to cater to the needs of water heating, cooking etc.

But, this Jamshedpur man installed a biogas plant in his apartment balcony to become the first man in the city to build such a small plant.

Installing this biogas plant not only helped him reduce his monthly expenditure on LPG but let him utilize the compost for his garden.

Gaurav Anand is working as a chief manager at Jusco. He has been associated with several sustainability projects in his personal as well as professional life.

He set this biogas plant to manage domestic waste effectively.

Normally, most people wait for others to solve problems if they face any issues. Waste management is also one such issue which is affecting the entire country.

Gaurav Anand decided to solve the problem on his own. He established a biogas plant to make use of the kitchen waste effectively.

One of his friends helped him assemble and create a portable biogas plant in his balcony. The plant weighs just 1-kg.

It cost him around ₹10,000. With an effort of a few hours, he installed this small biogas plant.

The biogas plant has one inlet for the kitchen and organic waste like cow dung to be collected into the cylinder and two outlets, one for the biogas and another for creating slurry compost.

The biogas outlet has a 10-metre pipe. It is directly connected to the kitchen to be attached to the stove.

Another outlet is used to collect fertilizer in a tray for the garden.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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