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The changed men of MP

The changed men of MP

Even now, there are many places in India which face gender-based violence. However, across 15 villages in Morena district, men are now realizing that women need to be treated equally. In the past, these men used to beat their wives regularly, however they have changed so much that they are now helping them with their household chores. The men in these villages used to think that women do not deserve the same status as men do.

Men in the villages are also now making sure that their sisters are not getting into early marriages. This slow and strong transformation occurred with the help of Delhi-based Centre for Health and Social Justice (CHSJ) teamed up with Dharti, a local non-government organization. Under the Family Health Campaign: Accountability for Change, they worked for bettering the lives of rural women especially in terms of healthcare. Their aim was to bring attention to men’s responsibility as partners and parents.

Sanjay Singh and Suman Singh, Dharti’s field agents went to villages to find people who are potential agents of change. They motivated them to interact with men between ages 18-35 and made them participate in special orientation and training sessions. After years of work, the transformation took place and today these men have learned the value of their women.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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