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Cerebral Palsy didn’t stop this musician

Cerebral Palsy didn’t stop this musician

When T. A. Kiran was just a toddler, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He couldn’t talk or lift his hands and legs, and he was visually impaired as well.

Additionally, he would suffer from epileptic attacks frequently. He would have to receive physiotherapy for all his life. Kiran would cry often, and the only way his mother managed to calm him down was by playing him music.

She admitted him to a special school in Thrissur, Kerala, called Reach Swasray. Kiran studied there until he was 14 years old. While he was there, he learned light music, and won state-level competitions.

After class 7, Kiran completed his education at the Government Model Boys High School in Thrissur. Interacting with other kids who did not have disabilities helped him with his music, and he continued to get awards in music competitions.

Afterward, Kiran went on to study music at Madras University, and he wrote his examinations with help from scribes.

However, things became somewhat more difficult for him at the Chetana Music College, where he started his BA in music. He was the only student there with special needs, so it was slightly more difficult for him to learn Carnatic music.

In Carnatic music, one must maintain rhythm with the hands while singing, which requires a certain level of coordination. For people with cerebral palsy like Kiran, it is difficult to coordinate two activities. Due to his visual disability, Kiran had to memorize his lessons.

However, this improved his memory and his ability to reproduce, and his sharp listening ability also helped him learn.

Now, at 24 years old, Kiran is ready for his debut Carnatic music performance at his college. After this performance, he will pursue a PhD in music, and he hopes to eventually get a government job.

Cerebral Palsy didn’t stop this musician

Representative picture.

He is very excited for his first performance, which proves that he has successfully fought and overcome his disability.

Image Reference: Flickr, ListToday

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