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Body shamed woman becomes bodybuilding champion

Body shamed woman becomes bodybuilding champion

She was once body shamed by her husband, but now became the bodybuilding champion.

This mother of 6-year-old is an inspiration to many with her constant efforts to success.

She is Ruby Beauty. She was slim at the time of her marriage. But, after delivery, she gained weight.

As a result, her husband used to insult her physical appearance.

He said that he was not interested in her due to her over weight. Later, both had separated with mutual consent.

But, she did not let this to demoralize her. Rather, she was motivated by her situation to lose weight.

She struggled a lot financially also. Yet, due to severe exercise and diet control, she succeeded in losing weight up to 15 kgs in 4 months.

Then, she learned Zumba, aerobics and salsa.

Her fitness coach joined her in a body building session by introducing a trainer.

Not just that, he also provided her a nutritious food.

After struggling physically as well as psychologically, she has won nationals in Assam in bodybuilding and she won Miss Chennai also.

Her friends supported her financially as the training for each competition costs at least ₹1 lakh to 2 lakh.

Initially she used to feel embarrassed by wearing the bodybuilding costumes. But, after several practicing sessions in front of her mother and brother, she felt comfortable.

She is going to participate in Miss India in Fitness and Asian Championship.

Her coach Kartik applauded her determination. He said that she will win the title of Miss India easily.

He added that he had trained more than 100 women in fitness. But, he did not see a woman like Ruby as most of the people lose interest within a few months after their training, but she never lost it.

Despite her coach setting her goals to achieve in a year, she achieved them in just six months.


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