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Bengal students develop a device to test COVID-19 carriers

Bengal students develop a device to test COVID-19 carriers

COVID-19 carriers transmit the novel coronavirus. As a result, the virus spreads exponentially while the detection of the reason remains unknown.

Identifying COVID-19 carriers is difficult. In addition to that, you may not identify the COVID-19 suspects even though they are in the surroundings.

To help identify COVID-19 carriers, two Bengal students developed a device.

Annesya Banerjee and Achal Nilhani from Kolkata have developed this device to analyze whether a coughing person is a COVID-19 carrier.

They are the third-year undergraduate students in the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Their professor P Venkateswaran guided them in developing this device.

The device can track a coughing person and analyze whether he could be a carrier of the novel coronavirus.

It can be used as a first-level screening system to detect COVID-19 carriers with available data to help prevent the spreading of the disease further.

The device is a non-contact device. It contains an embedded image and sound sensors. The device works even if the person is away from it.

It even can identify several coughing persons at a time.

The device can be used in workplaces, quarantine centres, classrooms or built-up areas with gatherings to track the presence of the COVID-19 suspects in those areas.

The device can also be used through drones to detect COVID-19 suspects in public places and open areas.

A teacher of Innovation Council of Jadavpur University said that several doctors who are treating COVID-19 patients and ICMR Kolkata responded positively about the device.

The device has to be tested soon for real-time clinical testing with COVID-19 patients to be functional to the need.

Image Reference: NDTV

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