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Once a “bad student” now a YouTube innovator

Once a “bad student” now a YouTube innovator

Ayush Samele learned the hard way that textbooks and degrees do not necessarily condone the intelligence of a person. In school, he was always labeled as a poor student, because he would constantly ask questions that derived from the textbook material.

He would often neglect his education to pursue innovations and experiments, which gained him criticism from all sources. The constant critiques and taunts even drove him to depression and suicide contemplation at one point.

However, maintaining his goal to be an unconventional innovator, he continued doing what he loved to do. Today, he is a YouTube star, making videos of his inventions, which are created from simple household materials.

In 2015, Ayush began his own YouTube channel, where he began uploading Do It Yourself (or DIY) invention videos.

His first video was a do-it-yourself miniature crossbow. He has since expanded his horizons to push the DIY envelope, making creations like a handmade hair-dyer and steam power generator.

He expresses how he chose to take his talents to YouTube because the conventional world wasn’t accepting of someone who thought outside of the box. However, his skills have been proven worthy due to his success on the Internet.

Ayush is now getting more praise and approval due to the increasing popularity of his YouTube channel, which currently has over 144,000 subscribers.

His fellow engineer brother, Sourabh Samele, was always supportive of his mold-breaking mindset and continues to encourage him to pursue his dreams and ideals. His parents have now become proud of him, but Ayush will still pursue an engineering degree in order to satisfy his mother’s wishes.

Once a “bad student” now a YouTube innovator

One of Ayush’s innovations

However, regardless of how the engineering degree fares, he can still sustain himself with his YouTube revenue, which pays him as much as ₹72,000 nowadays.

It is important that people like Ayush exist as our role models today, since they represent how it is innovative thinking, not textbook memorization, that pushes humanity forward.

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