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Assam couple breaks stereotypes and signs wedding contract

Assam couple breaks stereotypes and signs wedding contract

Recently, a newly-wed couple from Assam grabbed the attention of netizens. They signed a wedding contract with a list of dos and don’ts.

The contract was printed on a big piece of paper. The demands of both the bride and groom were printed on it. Their wedding video went viral on social media.

In that video, the bride was seen wearing a red lehenga and signing the contract, and the groom followed the suit. They were happily signing the contract.

As per the contract, the bride should wear a saree every day. Late-night parties are only allowed with the spouse. Both have to say yes to home-cooked meals. That is, they should prefer home-cooked food only.

Some other things written on the contract were consuming one pizza each month, shopping every 15 days, going to the gym every day, and taking good photos at every party and celebration.

Preparing the breakfast on Sunday will be the duty of the bridegroom. It was written on the list that ‘Sunday morning breakfast tum banogay’. Though it was not clear who would prepare a meal on the other days of the week, it was assumed that the bride would prepare the meal on all days of the week except Sunday.

This unique wedding contract grabbed the attention of many people across the country. The video has around 40 million views with tons of comments. Some netizens expressed their joy and amusement, while others responded differently.

One user commented that so much inequality is seen in the country. Another netizen said that it is a marriage, not a contract. Some others commented that all conditions are perfect, except wearing a saree every day. Thus, different people expressed different opinions.

Earlier also, a wedding video had gone viral. In that video, a groom touched his bride’s feet after exchanging vows.

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