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8-year-old boy donates his prize money worth $2,500 to UNICEF

8-year-old boy donates his prize money worth $2,500 to UNICEF

Age is not a criterion for achieving big things and showing a kind heart. This eight-year-old boy proved it with his noble deeds.

Abhijay Potluri, an Indian American from Massachusetts, is fond of computer programming. He designed an animated video related to coronavirus. With this video, Conquer Corona, he won $2,500 and donated the prize money to UNICEF.

UNICEF’s Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore interacted with Abhijay on a video call. She appreciated his animation and Abhijay said that he had plenty of free time during the lockdown. Hence, he spent time with computer programming, which is his favourite subject.

Fore applauded the kid saying that young people like Abhijay are supporting their communities during a tough time with their great deeds. Abhijay inspires many people as he donated his prize money worth $2,500.

When the video was shared on UNICEF’s Facebook page and Fore’s Twitter profile, it went viral. Then the good deed of Abhijay came into light. Several netizens applauded his kind gesture at this young age.

UNICEF shared another video of Abhijay doing chores around the house, after a few days. In that video, Abhijay shares his daily schedule.

Abhijay likes playing chess. He also plays guitar and practices new songs. He plays along with his brother Aditya.

Both children enjoy reading together. He also plays video games along with his friend online.

He says that he misses seeing his friends due to the lockdown, yet he can spend some time with them by playing online games together.

He says that his parents are busy with their computers ever since the lockdown started. His mother introduced him to computer programming and showed the ways to learn it on his own. He understands how difficult is the time now for everybody not to go outside to meet their friends.

Image Credit: Abhijay Potluri on Facebook

Image Reference: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1919299871545427

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