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7-year-old fights in courts to save her park

7-year-old fights in courts to save her park

Normally, people think children cannot do big things. But, age is not a criterion if you have concern for something.

The following story is one such example of a little girl who fought with the authorities to save the park in her community.

Every once in a while we hear stories of people fighting for what they believe in.

But, it is not common that the person fighting is a seven- year old girl, who fought authorities to save her favourite park.

Navya Singh from Delhi fought the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and make them answer for their plans of building a community hall at a park. This is a park where Navya often plays and has fun.

Navya took the help of her father, Dheeraj Singh, a lawyer. She took the DDA to the Delhi High Court to challenge their decision of constructing a community hall in Hanuman Mandir park.

Dheera, Navya’s father argued in court about this decision saying that it is a poor decision to construct a community hall there because there was already another one just 50 meters away from this one.

The court accepted the petition and issued a notice to the DDA asking them about why a new community hall was required. The bench stated that parks are not meant to be converted into such structures.

The DDA, after receiving the notice, convened a meeting of its screening committee with local MLA Vijender Gupta.

7-year-old fights in courts to save her park

7-year-old fights in courts to save her park

Navya also wrote a direct letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi after she submitted her petition in the High Court.

After their meeting, the committee decided to build a community hall elsewhere. And thus, Navya was successful in her fight.

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