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11-year-old tribal girl conducts classes to juniors

11-year-old tribal girl conducts classes to juniors

The pandemic affected the education of children in the country. Though some children are learning through online classes, the majority of children, especially in rural and tribal areas do not have access to them.

Hence, children are forgetting the concepts of lessons. In this context, a young tribal girl is conducting classes to her juniors. This helps them recollect the lessons and also improve her knowledge. 

Dipika Minz, a class-7 student in Chandapara village in Khutni, observed many children are playing or engaging in other activities other than education as schools remain closed for more than one year due to COVID-19.

As a result, they cannot remember their lessons. Moreover many students lost interest in education. When Dipika asked her neighbouring children some questions, they could not answer. She was also worried that she was forgetting the things she was taught in her children. She then wondered that other children might also forget their lessons. This made her think of providing free classes to engage them in education so that they will not forget their lessons. She started teaching to younger students. 

Dipika’s initiative motivated the Gram Sabha of her village. Hence, it started conducting classes for senior students also. 

Starting with two students, Dipika has 100 students at present. As the number of students increased, one of her friends also joined her in conducting classes. She divided the students into different batches as per their age. She teaches English and Mathematics to her juniors. Besides, she also attends her classes conducted by other volunteers. 

Dipika conducts classes around a tree. In addition to conducting free classes to her juniors, she provides free material to them. Dipika’s father says that he is proud of her. Other villagers also appreciated her efforts.

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