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Lawyer wins Rs.1.5 lakh because

Indian Railways have become quite a common place these days. Gurudarshan Lamba, a lawyer was shocked that the toilet door opened so easily even

Warning system for unmanned level

In India, there are 30,347 level crossings. However, 11,563 of these are unmanned and they are responsible for many accidents every year.

Vikalp scheme from Indian railways

Vikalp, the Alternate Train Accommodation scheme is to be launched from November 1 as a pilot project in Northern Railway.

Executive lounges to be setup

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation chairman and Managing Director AK Manocha stated that executive lounges will be setup to help train passengers recover

New innovations for Indian railways

In order to keep up with the ‘Digital India’ campaign, Indian Railways is taking several steps to increase the comfort and experience for passengers.