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Aadhaar database hacked

A software patch disables the critical security features of the software. These features are used to enroll new Aadhaar users.

Microsoft offers security to prevent

The CBSE has 20,299 schools in the country, so they felt the need to spring into action in order to protect the equal opportunities

How to unlink your Aadhaar

Now, details are emerging which suggest that one can unlink Aadhaar details from service providers.

Aadhaar – Mobile number link

The Supreme Court Justices said that Aadhaar is used to verify the identity of the subscriber. So, telephone companies are demanding to provide Aadhaar

No need to link Aadhaar

The Apex Court did observe that the defect of citizens’ biometric details under Aadhaar being collected without any laws could be solved by bringing