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Zophop – makes your commute faster

Zophop – makes your commute faster

When the founder and CEO of the company CarWale, Mohit Dubey, and his friend Vinayak Bhavnani, discovered that ten percent or less of Indians would own a car or any sort of private transportation in their lives, they began their work on development of a method to make it easier to make the everyday commute.

Thus, they came up with Zophop, which was begun by Vinayak three years ago in 2014.`

Zophop claims to be able to bring down the commute time of the average worker by up to twenty minutes in giving them access to transaction and information features in real time.

It is available on the Google PlayStore, providing information on fifteen cities countrywide, such as Mumbai and Hyderabad.

The app is a trip planner, covering local trains, buses, and taxi locations. It is present in these fifteen cities, with its team of fifteen people.

Each city service is at a different stage of deployment, especially around suburbs. It plans to bring a million buses under its platform, as well as giving the option to provide users to combine them with other forms of transportation based on what fits them best.

Vinayak is a graduate of Computer Science from IIT Delhi. He has experience of working in Directi and also worked on mobile chat and voice products for two years before starting Zophop.

Zophop – makes your commute faster

Zophop – makes your commute faster


Zophop partnered with around 10 transport providers to offer either real-time information or ticketing. They even tied up with Jugnoo and Uber to offer in-app cab booking in India.

So far, Zophop had more than three lakh downloads.

The market is growing, with the vehicle demand set to double during this year, as industries open up to the requirement of more employed people. The creators of Zophop see the app as an opportunity to make life easier for these people and help ease their lives.

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